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Re: Radio Installation on a TR-6

To: Patrick Bitton <>
Subject: Re: Radio Installation on a TR-6
From: Randall <>
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 22:33:10 -0800
Cc: Triumph <>
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Patrick Bitton wrote:
> Purple is constant power(fused) and Green is Accessory
> power(fused).

Patrick :

According to the diagrams in my Haynes, Green is switched, fused
ignition circuit, not accessory power (and this is consistent with the
earlier TR2-3 wiring colors).  Did you try turning the key to run ?

The oil lamp coming on would also indicate that you've touched the
ignition circuit in some way.  It might also indicate that you've
reversed the constant power and switched power leads to the radio.

> I didn't connect the speaker wires because I just wanted to see if I can get
> the stereo to turn on first.

This is _not_ a good idea, and many installation manuals warn against

> Has anyone installed a stereo themselves?

Mine had several other wires, including antenna power, that had to be
tied off.  Best would be to find a wiring diagram for the radio you

59 TR3A daily driver - with a Kenwood tape deck

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