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Re: Nitrous in a TR4?

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Subject: Re: Nitrous in a TR4?
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Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 17:45:47 -0500
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There was a very nice yellow TR6 at VTR in Albany NY about 5 years ago with
all this NO stuff in his trunk.  He was in the modified class in concours.
We all concluded it would blow his engine, drive train etc. in a hurry.  We
also closed the topic by concluding that it might all be only for show !

Don Elliott 1958 TR3A
Montreal, Canada

Freeman, Noah <> wrote

> OK, I have a feeling this is really sily, but I just have to ask it.  Im
> really curious
> In a bored moment, I was surfinng the Holley site (dont as why), and see
> they have nitrous fog injection kits available for carburated four
> cars.
> can dial a HP, with the bottom level boosts being 25 or 50hp.  You get
> 150 useful seconds of boost from a 10lb bottle at 50hp of boost.  That
> mean you get about 18 0-60 burns until you need a new bottle.  The whole
> is $700, with about $40/bottle cost, or about $3 per burn run.  Obviously,
> sorta high marginal cost, but, for that quantity of HP, pretty inexpensive
> setup.  Activation is automatic at wide open throttle, and the system is
> turned on/off in  a switch in the dash.
> The installation is pretty easy- it supplies its own fuel and its own
> injection- you drill and tap your intake manifold close to the engine
> thread in the nozzles, run the hoses to the bottle in the trunk, wire the
> electronics.  The cool thing is you dont have to worry about your
> etc, as it does its own fuel and nitrous, so when its not on, its the
> car you know and love.
> Upside- lotsa a horsepower for your dollar, not much work, wont show in
> engine bay very obviously, so originality doesnt suffer as much as in a,
> V8 conversion.
> Downside- I have a nagging feeling that all the extra torque would
> rip the entier TR4 drivetrain out of the car, while blowing the cylinder
> through the hood.  Also, you nee to run really advanced timing to keep it
> knocking (new disti with weird advance curve required I bet)
> Anyone done this?  Anyone heard of anyone who has?  Is this really dumb,
> what?
> Please dont flame me too bad for the idea.
> Noah
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