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Re: Nitrous in a TR4?

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Subject: Re: Nitrous in a TR4?
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Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 21:58:34 -0000
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Hi Noah
For several years now we have had a Guy come to the Isle of Wight TSSC
camping weekend, he is nicknamed "Turbo Nutter Bastard" (even has a little
sticker like a dealer splash in the rear window with this on!). This is on a
GT6 running a turbo through a (2?) Webers. all neatly plumbed in besides
this lot is a NO kit, with, if my memory serves me, two methods of
actuation. One a switch on the stick and one under the pedal for that WOT
I know he uses it, I have seen it in action, one word for that "WOW". He
tells us he has had few problems with the reliability of the drive train,
and the only complaint he had was that due to lower compression, around 7:1
so the turbo doesn't blow the engine apart, the car was a little lower
powered until the turbo cuts in! Which I would think to be normal?


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Subject: Nitrous in a TR4?

| OK, I have a feeling this is really sily, but I just have to ask it.  Im
| really curious
| In a bored moment, I was surfinng the Holley site (dont as why), and see
| they have nitrous fog injection kits available for carburated four
| cars.
| Downside- I have a nagging feeling that all the extra torque would
| rip the entier TR4 drivetrain out of the car, while blowing the cylinder
| through the hood.  Also, you nee to run really advanced timing to keep it
| knocking (new disti with weird advance curve required I bet)
| Anyone done this?  Anyone heard of anyone who has?  Is this really dumb,
| what?
| Please dont flame me too bad for the idea.
| Noah

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