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RE: rust removal / rust prevention

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Subject: RE: rust removal / rust prevention
From: "Randall Young" <>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 09:21:50 -0800
Kent :

According to "Dad the chemist", they could work, but only if you keep the
car immersed in water all the time.  Since very few people do that, he
suggests that they are most effective at separating you from your money.  I
believe JCW still sells them, right next to the magnets that magically
improve your gas mileage and the gizmo that bolts in your air cleaner to
supercharge your engine ...


> A few years ago, at swap meets, I saw electronic gadgets for sale
> that were
> advertised to keep rust from starting (or continuing) on your
> car.  I think
> they said they were ion generators or something to produce added
> electrons?
> Anyway they were small electronic "boxes" that hooked to your
> battery and had
> a grounding wire and a little flashing red light to indicate it
> was working.
> The claim was that it completely stopped all rust on your car !
> - So, rocket
> scientist on the list - Is this possible?  Are they available?
> Do they work?
>  How much and where do I get one?  Sounds too good to be true,
> but the rust
> process is just electrolysis,, isn't it?

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