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TR6 Fuel Problem

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Subject: TR6 Fuel Problem
From: suhring <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 22:47:26 -0500
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I received the below message from a fellow TR6 owner who read my tech
articles on the ZS carb.  I have asked some questions but have not
been able to nail down possible problems other than the obvious of
a bad pump (he has replaced it twice), sticking valves in the pump, 
etc.  Doesn't seem to be electrical since I asked about typical
symptoms with the distributor, but he is running a petrinox system and
called them just to be sure of what he is experiencing.

Your thoughts on this would be appreciated and I will pass them along.
I know at times we talk about vapor lock, but I don't recall what
the solution would be if this is occurring.


Scott Suhring
Elizabethtown, PA
'70 TR6
'59 TR3

Yes sir I'm having a unique problem. I'm finding that my car is losing 
power. I have a clear fuel filter before the fuel pump usually when you 
start it up you can see sufficient fuel about 3/4 full, as the car runs 
and drives around the car starts to cut out, it jerks as if it wants to 
go then right back to running like crap. When you get out and look at 
the fuel filter you find no fuel in it. Yet when you disconnect the 
fuel pump at the carburetors gas fills the filter and pumps into a 
container just find puts out about 2-3lbs.. I thought I may have a
gas tank are lines. ripped it all apart to find nothing wrong. Tank is 
clean, lines are clean. Remove both carburetors and removed bowls to
no dirt restrictions into bowls. It almost acts like theres a build up
pressure forcing the gas to not flow.

I need Help. Engine was rebuilt about 5000 miles ago.

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