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Ballast vs non-ballasted ignition system

Subject: Ballast vs non-ballasted ignition system
From: Ed Hutchinson <>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 15:41:15 -0400
I currently have the Crane XR 700 Electronic ignition on my TR6. I am also 
running a Lucas Sports Coil. I noticed in the most recent Moss catalog that 
the Lucas Sports Coil works with non-ballasted ignition systems only. On 
the same page it shows a Crane Ignition Coil which complements the Crane 
XR-700 Ignition kit and includes a ballast resistor. I'm getting more and 
more confused as to what I should be using.

How does the car run if you have a miss-matched system? Does it skip, burn 
oil, run rough, what?

I am somewhat mechanically challenged and could use whatever help anyone 
could provide.



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