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Subject: Re: If the sum of the parts is...
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Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 11:34:46 -0400
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William Davies wrote:

> Just took a look at this & it reminded me that Derek Graham (TR6 >
registrar, TR Register UK) mentioned that early TR6 reversing
> light lenses had a blue tint to them. Looking at this picture it
> seems as thought the unit on the right has a blue tint, but not
> the one on the  left. Is it my imagination or my monitor?
> No doubt the 'blue' lenses sell for more.....

There are three different tints for the TR6 reverse lenses.  Slight blue,
slight green, and completely clear.  The clear, I have found, are the most
rare because they seem to have been produced in fewer quantities originally.
Green is the most common, most of the NOS green lenses I have come across
were manufactured from 1969 to December of 1973 (Lucas box date).  The blue
ones seem to be interspersed, and the clear ones seem to come at the "rubber
overrider" stages of TR6 production.

Just to do a quick check, I have a set of the clear style and the Lucas
boxes are dated 8/75 and 2/76 respectively.

And of course, if you have a French TR6, amber reverse lenses are correct
for your car.  Now, who has a set of NOS Italian market front turn signal
lenses for the TR6 they want to sell me?  These turn signal lenses are both
completely clear.  I have one of the left side already but it has a moulding
defect :(  So I'm seeking a complete NOS pair.



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