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RE: removing steering wheel lock on 71 TR6

To: <>
Subject: RE: removing steering wheel lock on 71 TR6
From: "Randall Young" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 15:52:58 -0700
> > But did you try just grabbing the wheel firmly and yanking it sharply ?
> > I haven't, but supposedly this works on most cars of the era,
> and the column
> > lock on my Stag doesn't look strong enough to resist much ...
> Of  course, the Stag might be somewhat different than the
> Herald/Spitfire-sourced TR6 column and lock setup?

Could well be, I've never seen the Herald/Spit setup.  On the Stag, the bolt
is only about 1/2" long, and the housing it rides in appears to be ordinary
soft 'pot' metal.  Where the bolt engages the column, the column is less
than 1" in diameter, so the steering wheel has a huge mechanical advantage
over it.  And the bolt does not fit snugly into the slot in the column, so
it will twist and become a lever springing the pot metal housing apart.  I'm
obviously not going to try it (at least not on my car, any volunteers out
there ?) ... but I'm confident I could break it fairly easily if I tried.

'Course, I am fairly burly, so YMMV.  I'd let my beard grow a bit about the
time the first Harry Potter movie came out and a friend compared me to
Hagrid ...


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