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Re: octane/timing/performance

To: "Arakelian, Peter" <>, <>
Subject: Re: octane/timing/performance
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 15:53:26 -0500
I drive a 71 TR6 on the street - absolutely bone stock, 8 deg advance, some 
of the emissions stuff disabled but in place, maybe 5000 miles on rebuild.

I run regular gas and have no pinging, no detonation, and get 22 - 28 miles 
/ gallon.

Probably unrelated to this discussion, I changed to plugs one range hotter 
and made a nice improvement for here in northern Illinois with quite a bit 
of in-town driving. The plugs always looked sooty and this has cleared that 
up nicely.

At 02:37 PM 5/12/2004, Arakelian, Peter wrote:
>I would like to start an on-list discussion of octane, timing and performance.
>I have a stock 1971 TR6.  I currently run premium gas, which is what is 
>recommended.  With all the vacuums, etc attached I time it at 8 BTDC.  No 
>ping, runs great.
>My understanding is that lower octane gas burns faster and a little 
>hotter, but at 20 cents/gallon cheaper it is tempting to switch to the 
>lower octane and retard the timing until it doesn't ping.
>Any thoughts?  What are the down sides?  Has anyone done this?  Am I 
>missing something?
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uncle jack 

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