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Re: Subject: Pacer(NLBC)

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Subject: Re: Subject: Pacer(NLBC)
From: Doug Hamilton <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 08:39:05 -0600
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>Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 00:37:31 EDT
>Subject: Re: Subject: Pacer(NLBC)
>In a message dated 5/18/2004 5:57:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> writes:
>You are forgetting the V8 Pacer, a late-life cobble-up that couldn't save the 
>patient.  Of course some may quibble that the AMC V8 doesn't fall into the 
>"decent engine" category.
>Bob Sharp
>64-ish TR4
You may want to look at AMC's racing records before making comments like 
this "AMC V8 doesn't fall into the "decent engine" category.".
The only heads up drag race I ever lost to a similarly prepared car when 
I raced my AMX in my youth was to a Hemi Cuda. The list of losers 
included to name a few more notable cars, LS6 Chevelle, L88 Corvette, 
Shelby GT500, 440 six-pack Roadrunner, 455 HO Trans Am, SS 396 Camaro, 
etc. All of those cars had a cubic inch advantage on my AMX's 401 bored 
out to 409 but all of those cars are 500-1000 lbs heavier than an AMX. 
And let's not forget Mark Donahue had his most successful seasons in 
Trans Am racing behind the wheel of a Javelin. Even today long after 
Chrysler closed the doors on AMC there are more speed parts available 
for a AMC V8 than there are for Buick, or Olds V8s and about the same 
support as Pontiac V8s. I'm sure there are a few Vietnam vet's on the 
list with fond memories of the AMC powered Jeeps and Jeep trucks of that 

Doug Hamilton

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