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Distributor Question

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Subject: Distributor Question
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 13:44:40 -0400
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Hi Folks,   This is gonna sound strange, but Ive had my TR6 2 years and 
today I put a timing light on it for the first time.  It's running fine, 
other than a slight buck at constant speed cruise(like 40).  I decided 
it was time for a Carb rebuild, but thought that I would get the 
ignition set up perfectly before messing with the carbs.  I made a chalk 
mark at 12 BTDC and unplugged the vacuum retard and plugged it.  With 
the timing light on #1 the mark is 2" or 3" past the pointer.  I had to 
turn the distributor CCW to get it anywhere near the mark at which point 
it was running very rough and back firing.   I moved it back to where it 
was and bolted down for now.  The vacuum unit is pointed at the drivers 
side door(like 1 o'clock if 12 is the rear of the engine.  Number 1 plug 
wire terminal on the cap is toward the front of the engine.  Im just 
wondering if this means the Distributor is 180 degress off.   I guess I 
can always time by trial and error and listen for ping, but I'd kinda 
like to set things right before changing the carbs and adding a whole 
new set of variables.    I sure this will be an easy one for you guys.  
Thanks in advance
                                       John Mitchell  76TR6

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