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Re: here's a good question for you folks

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Subject: Re: here's a good question for you folks
From: "John A. Wise" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 17:19:47 -0700
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At 17:32 -0500 17/11/04, Tony and Jeanne wrote:
>As some of you already know, I am in the middle of a restoration 
>project on my 58 TR3A TS27093, and my question is,
>after talking to a few folks about my plan to leave the stub shaft 
>and 4 blade fan off when I install the freshly rebuilt motor.
>Will the electric fan (placed in front of the radiator with the nose 
>shroud) be sufficient to keep the motor cool?

I, like Jim Bauder live in a Phoenix suburb.  I have a pusher 
electric fan (like the one sold by Moss) mounted above the crank hole 
controlled by an adjustable thermostat.  And the engine mounted fan 
that pulls air from below the crank hole.  Here in PHX I recommend 

I have also added an air dam (copied from Geo Hahn) to help force 
more air through the lower half of the radiator when the car is 
moving.  (I would be happy to send you picture.)  It is mounted to 
the bottom radiator guard so you don't see it unless you are looking 
for it.


John A. Wise, Ph.D., CPE
5483 W Potter Dr
Glendale, AZ 85308


1960 TR3A TS80422L

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