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RE: lower trunion

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Subject: RE: lower trunion
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 09:58:42 -0700
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Subject: lower trunion

well here I am again, asking questions!!!!
I need to get the lower trunion off the vertical link so that I can 
replace the grease seal.
the manual shows that it it threaded on, but before I put too much force

on it in an attempt to get it off, is there any type of locking nut or 
something that is keeping me from getting it off?????
it turns freely about 40 degrees as I believe it should then it seems 
like it hits a stop of some type.
I hope to start putting all the bits back together as some as I get the 
frame back from the powder coaters.....(i hope, i hope!!)
of course the tub is still at the body shop but the plan is to get 
engine, transmission and rear end all in place prior to placing the tub 
back on.
I believe I can get all the throttle linkage back on after the tub is 
bolted, any thoughts about that????
Thanks in advance

Since you didn't specify the car, I can only talk in generalities or
more specifically about Spitfires which I have some first hand

The front trunions are indeed screwed on but they are handed so one side
screws off the opposite direction as the other.


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