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Re: TR6 exhaust systems

To: "Jim Barbuscia" <>, "FRED E THOMAS" <>
Subject: Re: TR6 exhaust systems
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 16:28:13 -0500
Cc: "Triumphs" <Triumphs@Autox.Team.Net>
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No, Fred spoke without being informed.  The company selling those Bell
exhausts, the sole US importer of Bell exhausts, has been in business even
longer than The Backorder Factory.  That same company, selling the Bell
exhausts on eBay, is quite diversified, owning a Jag dealership and also a
Toyota dealership in Michigan.  Their entire company wide parts operations
are as large, if not larger, than TRFs.  Just because they offload excess
inventory on eBay has nothing to do with their stability or their ability to
honor a warranty.

Now, for my second point, and this may come off as harsh.  I do not know if
I have been super sensitive to this lately or what, but I have been noticing
a fair number of comments on the list that are made without any factual
basis.  This has nothing to do with being politically correct, I hate
political correctness, but it does have to do with not propagating incorrect
information to 1500+ members of this TR list.

So if Fred had known the company selling the goods on eBay, he would have
properly acknowledged that both the Bell and Falcon exhausts carry a
lifetime warranty and that both companies would honor those respective

- Cranky Kai (and a happy user and seller of both Falcon and Bell exhausts,
although as I mentioned in my first email, the Bells do look and fit just a
bit nicer for the extra $$$ you pay)

> Good point.
> -jimb
> FRED E THOMAS wrote:
> > Go with the "lifetime warranty" from TRF, you have nothing
> > with e-bay.  "FT"

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