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To: Triumph Email List <>
Subject: Birthdays
From: Bob Labuz <>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 20:44:08 -0500
Well I guess it my turn!

I started in 1967 with a '57 MGA. I saw a pair in a used car lot. I started 
out by just sitting in the cars and going through the gears etc. Finally got 
the 57 and drove it for about a year. It was very un-reliable and under 
powered. I then saw a 59 TR3 in a car lot for 200$. It had a cracked steering 
wheel but I took it for a test and man what a difference! 

It has been Triumphs ever since.

After the TR3 was wrecked by a past friend, it was a 1963 TR4 in 1973 (sold), 
a 72 BSA 500 Victor also in 1973 (sold), 74 T140V new in 1974 (restored in 
1998), 58 TR3 in 1979, 98 T-Bird T-3 (Used < 2k Miles) in 2001 and in January 
a 63 TR4 (Full body off frame restoration to begin in the spring). Counting 
the bikes, I have owned LBCs since 67 going on 40 straight years.

BTW, 56 this July and never felt better since I started running!

For those members in the Sacramento area, I will be running in a race there on 
the 23rd of April. Visiting #2 daughter who lives in South Lake Tahoe. A fund 
raiser for a pain center. Any of you guys/girls from Sacramento runners?

Bob Labuz

1958 TR3A
1963 TR4
1974 T140V
1998 T-Bird T-3

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