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RE: Rocker arms and shipping to Canada

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Subject: RE: Rocker arms and shipping to Canada
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Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 19:38:58 -0500
Hi Robert:

I'm in Montreal and we ship a fair number of high-value ($20K-$200K) video 
projectors back and forth over the US border. Whenever we receive something via 
UPS, they call to ask if we want them to be the broker. The first few times we 
did use them, until the shocking level of their charges became clear. A company 
lent me a $250K unit for a couple of weeks last year and shipped if up from 
Texas. UPS tried to put 15% on my credit card plus a huge brokerage fee. As far 
as I can see, UPS should be considered as an internal carrier only. For 
example, I've got a unit heading to Vancouver for a film festival. UPS is the 
cheapest and quickest. However across the border, oh no. 

As for brokers and their licenses, you're dead on the money. What thieves. The 
entire system is rigged to favour their activities. I'd best not get started...



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First, I  do think that UPS is it own brokerage (correct me if I am wrong) 
because I  have used them when bringing bigger ticket items like boats and 
boilers  across the border.  In fact, I use them  exclusively. 

I'm not sure about the Canadian Border, but UPS has purchased the  largest 
brokerage agencies on the Mexican border and they run under the UPS  flag, 
management, and profit margin.
Customs brokers see their brokerage license as a license to steal.
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