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Re: Signing off the List with Fond Regrets

Subject: Re: Signing off the List with Fond Regrets
From: Rob Pennington <>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 16:24:43 -0500
I remember the emails as well when I was sitting in front of the 
monitor taking a break from working on software that was proving to 
be troublesome.   I thought it was pretty cool to read them while 
thinking about my new-to-me TR6 that was ever so slowly coming back 
together.   I've wanted one since after seeing one back in the 

The car has a new home in central Illinois in my shed.  I'm happy 
that I have a car with a history and the cats are happy that they 
have a new place to drowse until I start working on it.  I'm hoping 
to have time to do more than just look at it and think about what I 
want to do sometime before the end of the year and drive it to the 
Champaign British Car Festival over Memorial Day next spring.

74 TR6 daily driver
70 S2 Europa

>philip ethier wrote:
>>  I'm facing the same decision on the lotus-cars and lotuseuropa lists 
>>  after 14 years.
>Golly Philip, has it been 14 years already? I remember all your emails
>from when you first got the Europa.  You were gushing with enthusiasm
>and how wonderful Europas were and how yours will be with a bit of work.
>   You almost had me talked into buying one.
>You are one of the few folks from the old britishcar mail list I still
>see postings from.
>Take care,

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