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[TR] Neat Heloise Hint #1

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Subject: [TR] Neat Heloise Hint #1
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Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 11:53:33 -0400
To All,
After communicating with many on and off list, I have come to learn of many
short cuts and neat ways of overcoming obstacles. I started a file called
Heloise Hints. Here's one I just discovered that you may have a need for.
Heloise Hint #1 - When trying to fish wires, tubing, etc., through those tiny
holes that come in the grommets we all buy, try the following to minimize
frustration, damaged ends, damaged grommets, etc. When trying to pull through
a wire or tubing that is bigger than the hole, lubricate with some silicone,
(or your weapon of choice) select a suitable nut driver that you can push
through the hole. Insert the tubing, wire jacket, etc. into the end of the
driver, and pull back through. The nut driver head expands the hole and the
item needing to go through, follows right behind. If trying to force through
tiny rubber hose like windshield washer hose, select the tiny Phillips head
screw driver in your tool box, push through the grommet, attach the hose over
the screw driver and pull back through. Tubing comes trailing behind and
through. Naturally, larger screwdrivers for larger tubing. Hope this helps
someone. If you have any fire away. Just number it after the last one posted.
Alex Manzo
72 TR6
59 TR3A

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