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To: "Michael Hargreave Mawson" <>,
Subject: RE: [TR] Trailers
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 14:54:55 -0700
> 1. Single-axle "car dolly" - basically a "T" with a pair of wheels on
> it; some of them knock down to a size that could be carried in the back
> of an estate car (and, perhaps more importantly, could be stored in
> minimal space).   Despite the obvious advantages, this looks like a
> risky way of transporting a car to me - has anyone any experience of
> these things?

I have used these on numerous occasions.  Brought my Vitesse/Sports 6 home this
way, approx 750 miles each way.  No reason why it should be any riskier than a
car trailer, except that it does rely on the rear suspension and tires of the
car being towed.  That means the tires have to be in good shape, fit for the
speeds being traveled, and for a RWD you normally need to disconnect the
drive/prop shaft.  Don't be tempted to put the car on backwards, most cars will
not be stable that way !

> Is there anything in between?   There are a lot of "motorcycle trailers"
> out there, which are small, lightweight, easily up-ended for storage,
> and look to be a safe method of transporting bikes, but they are neither
> big enough nor strong enough to carry a car.

My local club owns a single axle car trailer, which is smaller and lighter than
the twin axle variety.  It's just small enough to not legally require brakes on
the trailer, but not enough to up-end for storage. I believe a folding trailer
capable of carrying small cars (ie Triumphs) would be possible to build, but
I've never seen such a thing for sale.

If you find one, please tell us about it.


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