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[TR] Clarifications: '59 TR3A TS 58667

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Subject: [TR] Clarifications: '59 TR3A TS 58667
From: "Terry Smith" <>
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 19:35:26 -0400
Hello, everyone.  Couple of quick questions:

1)  At the bottom of my OD tranny is a brass plug of some time that does not
appear in the Moss diagrams or the repair manuals I have.  It has several
notches, so takes a special tool.  ISTR that someone here had advice how to
make a tool, but I can't find it in archives.  Also, is there a seal under
this plug worth replacing because it can leak oil?

2)  This is embarrassing.  I like WIX oil filters and currently have a WIX on
the spin-on adaptor.  You'd think I know the number.  Unfortunately, the
number is where I can't read it, and my poor notes on this particular subject
show that it is a 51516 or a 11516.  I'd like to have a new one before I
loosen the old one to change oil.  Any hints on which of these numbers is the
correct one?

3)  Looks pretty clear to me that I'll have to remove the rocker shaft in
order to retorque the head.  Is there a trick I'm missing?

4)  I'm not leaking or otherwise losing coolant.  Still, I'd  feel safer with
a closed system.  Is there a generic after-market coolant bottle and hose that
is preferred, or does one need to go to one of the big three?

This week I put nearly 500 miles on the car driving it to and from work an
hour and a half each day.  I'm going to say something that will surprise you
all:  It is incredibly much more fun to drive than it was to grove in the
gravel driveway covered in sweat and grease for 3 and a half years to restore.

See you in Stowe, VT in September!


Terry Smith
New Hampshire

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