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[TR] car stereo choices

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Subject: [TR] car stereo choices
From: "Bruce Cairns, D.D.S." <>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 13:23:18 -0700
Hello fellow listers.   After restoring what had been my daily driver - '74
TR6 - I want to finally install a modern car audio system. Prior to the resto,
I had an Alpine am/fm cassette deck, separate amp, separate equilizer, and 6"
speakers box-mounted in a custom cabinet which sat on the package shelf.  I'm
bewildered by the choices now.  I know the technology has improved
substantially over my old setup.  What is the list's consensus on a good
combination of head unit (go with the built-in amp or get a separate amp),
speaker size and placement,  and reasonable price?  I'm not looking to rattle
the neighbors windows or cause stoplights to quiver at intersections, but I
would like to hear the music at road speed.  I look forward to getting your
Bruce Cairns
'74 TR6

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