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RE: [TR] Paint prep

Subject: RE: [TR] Paint prep
From: "tom white" <>
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 15:05:29 +0000
I have used both tanl stripping and media blasting for paint removal.  I 
consider the tank dipping to be necessary only when there is a concern about 
rust.  If you just need to remove the paint plastic media blasting is all 
you need.

Best regards,

>Subject: [TR] Paint prep
>Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 07:12:21 EST
>I am preparing for the refinish of the body on my 3A and have determined
>that I cannot respray the car.  It is now on it's third color and the paint 
>  has
>become so thick that the last finish has the "alligator" appearance from
>cracking.  The paint needs to be removed.  Obviously the beauty of a  3A is 
>ability to remove the panels easily.  Does anyone on the list  have 
>with "dip stripping", or is the recommended method the thankless  and 
>task of chemical stripping?  Any input here is  appreciated.
>Happy Holidays to all and thanks for the sanity you guys have imparted over
>the past year!
>David Lylis
>69 TR6 CC26160L
>60 TR3A TS74461LO
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