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Re: [TR] Paint prep

Subject: Re: [TR] Paint prep
From: Doug Mathews <>
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 11:36:29 -0500

When I re-did my truck at school last year, I used a pneumatic sander 
to take the paint off. It goes pretty fast just takes sticking 
to it.  I took the pain all the way down to bare metal on the bed, as 
as long as no one touched it, it did not rust.  If you're doing it 
this time of year when the humidity is low, that should not be a 
problem.  Wear a good mask and eye protection though.


At 07:12 AM 12/24/2006, you wrote:
>I am preparing for the refinish of the body on my 3A and have determined
>that I cannot respray the car.  It is now on it's third color and 
>the paint  has
>become so thick that the last finish has the "alligator" appearance from
>cracking.  The paint needs to be removed.  Obviously the beauty of 
>a  3A is the
>ability to remove the panels easily.  Does anyone on the list  have 
>with "dip stripping", or is the recommended method the 
>thankless  and agonizing
>task of chemical stripping?  Any input here is  appreciated.
>Happy Holidays to all and thanks for the sanity you guys have imparted over
>the past year!
>David Lylis
>69 TR6 CC26160L
>60 TR3A TS74461LO

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