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Subject: Re: [TR] Car club meetings
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Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 17:51:47 -0800 (PST)
Hi Marty
Ibm lucky to have access to quite a few British car clubs all
within easy reach of my home. Southern California.
The first one I joined was
the most difficult to fit into. For me anyway.
The club met at a restaurants
back room. The regulars for the club had their own table and friends they
shared space with each meeting. groups of 4 and 6 to a table. So as a new guy
I found myself sitting alone most often.

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Sent: Thu, November 19, 2009 6:43:00 PM
[TR] Car club meetings

Looking for some ideas. Our local British club has
been in place for a couple
of decades. Same core people hang around. Some
come, some go. Seems like as
time goes on more go than come though. Years ago
our monthly meeting used to
be pretty good. Now they are pretty stagnant.
Could be because we have been
following the same exact format for years. Maybe
it time to try something
different. You folks that attend local car club
meetings, what do other groups
do that makes the meetings something that folks
want to attend and participate

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I found it very difficult to make conversation and form friendships. Mainly
because I was sitting at a different table from every one else. There was no
person charged with identifying the new guys and making any kind of
after I had been a member and attended for about 6/8 months the
club organized a get together at the local hot rod cruise and then to go on to
a members house for more fun. The invitation was sent to the members via
email. I turned up for the event, had some conversations with members trying
to hang out and fit in. while chatting to the guy who's house we where to go
to after the event, he suggested to me that I may like to join the club at his
house and maybe I would like to join the club!!!!!! I had seen this guy at the
last 6/8 meetings I had attended.
>From the limited interaction I had these
where really nice people, but just not so organized in how to get new members.
After that I never went back.
I then decided that I would try the 2 triumph
clubs in Los Angeles. SCTOA and TRSC.
Strangely they both meet at the same
British pub/restaurant. And some months they where back to back nights.
"problem" these clubs have is that each meeting you go to the pub will give us
one of 2 rooms and the tables are always differently arranged from last time.
So it limits the members from getting into funky clicks and with goodB leaders
they recognize new folks, introduce them and make them feel welcome.
second month I attended I found myself sitting with all new members due to the
re-arranged tables and room. And the craic was once again good.
I think this
is what has made the 2 Los Angeles clubs so very successful. The people are
great like so many clubs, and they organize a bunch of activities that get the
members out and driving there cars.
So what makes a good club? Mix up the
seating each meeting and get the members in their cars together.
Of course
these yanks are pretty good company too:-)
oh yes, and i think its
time for me to renew the membership...oops


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