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Re: Izuzu starter

Subject: Re: Izuzu starter
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 15:03:20 EDT
In a message dated 98-07-22 14:40:05 EDT, RodsINTOMG writes:

<< Can you or anyone tell me of a Izuzu or other similar Japanese starter
(gear reduction type) that will fit the 1800cc "B" series engine. >>

I'm pretty sure that the same starter will fit the "B". I would like to know
what all engines it does work on. Any car with a 5" spaced 2-bolt hole should
be a candidate. When I first went to Pep Boys and "found" this match, I went
through about fifty starters before I found this one. Most have an offset
pinion and they won't work. In the 5" size, there were several with different
pinion depths and solenoid positions. I'm not sure how critical this dimension
is. There seems to be a certain amount of tollerance. The solenoid position is
important because it may foul other accessories or the car itself.

Good luck.


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