British Car Fluids

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By Roger Garnett

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Here's a chart of some acceptable, available fluids for your British car: {as always, check the specs for your car!}

Brake and Clutch

(While DOT4 and DOT5 are officially compatible, for best performance, it's best not to mix them.)

Hydraulic Lever Arm shocks

This should be an hydraulic oil designed for this application, with anti-frothing additives. A small hand-pump oiler with pointed nozzle is very handy for filling shocks.

Carburetor Piston Dampers

Factory recommendations may be motor oil, or special damper oil. For light damping (faster response): For moderate damping:


Check your specs! Some cars specify Hypoid gear oil, some engine oil, and others!

Oil-lite Bushings (Some pilot bearings, etc.)

Rear Differential

usually a high shear strength "Hypoid Gear Oil"

Steering Gear

if you have power steering, check manufacturers recommendation.

Wheel Bearings

use a high quality, high temperature bearing grease. ie:

Grease fittings

the stuff you use your grease gun for

Trunion Fittings (TR's and others)

Cooling System


Top up cells with distilled water. Do not use tap water.
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