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This page is for general reference materials relevant to all British cars.

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Getting Started

British Car Buyers Checklist by Lawrence Buja & Roger Garnett
British Car Buyers Checklist by Lawrence Buja & Roger Garnett, Original Text Version

What is is, and How it Works

A hydraulic (clutch) system primer by Roger Garnett, 28 Feb 92.
Everything You Wanted to Know About Brake Plumbing, but Were Afraid to Ask by Chris Kantarjiev Apr. 97
Engine Weights by Dave Williams, 14 Nov 93
The Starter Guide by Lawrence Buja
Lucas Wiring Color codes, post 1950. YMMV. New, more detailed table, by Chris Kantarjiev
Gauge Voltage Stabilizers- Mechanical, and Electronic by Roger Garnett & Pat Vilbrandt
Whitworth bolts- a history by Charles Falco
Spanner Sizes - British, US, & Metric
Bolt Torque Specifications

Tuning, Restoration, and other How-To's

Tuning SU Carbs by Roger Garnett, 5 Dec 91.
SU Fuel Pump by Norm Nock, Nov 94.
SU Fuel Pump, Adding a Protection Diode by Roger Garnett, April 97 
Electric Fuel Pumps by Roland Dudley, Jan 93.
De-rusting methods: What you need to know.
Removing Broken Bolts by Chris Kantarjiev, Feb. 96
Cleaning Aluminium
Lighting System Upgrade by Chris Kantarjiev, Nov. 95
Truing wire wheels by Rod Schwiger.
How to Eliminate Petroleum Pollution From Soil & Water
Do-It-Yourself Electronic Fuel Injection

What Stuff To Use

Recommended fluid types for your LBC. by Roger Garnett
Coolants and Corrosion: A Gregory T. Fieldson, Mar 95
DOT 5 Brake fluid- the real Mike Burdick
Octane Boosters: What's in them? Can I make them?
Gasoline: Everything you ever wanted to know, and some you didn't.
Locktite thread lockers: a reference table. by Berry Kercheval
Interior Trim Adhesives: a list of options, by Jerry Kaidor.
Accessory Paint Codes and sources by Roger Garnett, 13 Oct 93.
Essential Tool List that circulates the SOL list. WARNING: Sarcasm. :-)

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