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by Berry Kercheval :: Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

271(tm) is obsolete, according to the "Loctite User's Guide" I got at the bearing shop while picking up bearings for my airplane's nose gear. 262 replaces it. They recommend Primer N first, and to use 277 if it's over 1" diameter.

Here is a table from page 8, Loctite Threadlocker Quick Selector

Use Strength Product Color
Small screws Low 222 Purple
nuts & bolts Med 242(tm) or 243 Blue
Pre-Assembled Med 290 Green
Nuts & Bolts High 262 Red
Studs (<1") High 262 Red
Studs (>1") High 277 Red

They also list a large variety of stuff for restoring stripped threads, sealing pipe fittings, gaskets, setting keys, rustproofing and so on.

Not to sound like a Loctite ad, but you can call (800) 323-5106 for "product availability, technical information and material safety data sheets". THe brocure I have is "LT-1475".

("Preassembled" means locking adjusting screws in place, and the like) --berry

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