1959-68 Sunbeam Alpine Tech Tips

Last updated: February 4, 1998

Series 5 wiring diagram

  • Building a bulletproof Alpine runner

  • Holbay engine upgrades

  • A discussion of air filters

  • Hooking up an ammeter

  • Fitting a hazard flasher

  • Stopping that wire wheel clunk

  • Bypassing a leaky heater control valve

  • Speedometer rebuild

  • Using Chevy 350 connecting rods in an Alpine 1725cc engine

  • Installing a Ford 2.8L V6

  • Locks and Keys

  • Converting positive to negative ground

  • Upgrading Series I/II/III brakes to metallic pads

  • Boring out a 1725cc engine

  • Jarrid Gross' modified 1725cc oil pressure relief valve

  • Alternator conversion for Series I-IV Alpines

  • Get rid of that annoying Alpine accelerator pedal "jitter"

  • Installing a horn relay on a Series V

  • Speed calculator. This is a program (MS-Windows) which uses data about your differential ratio, gear ratios, and tire sizes to calculate the MPH to RPM speeds. Program written by Sergio Dimarmo.

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