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RE: FOT NewsFlash: Announcing SVRA TR/MG Challenge

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Subject: RE: FOT NewsFlash: Announcing SVRA TR/MG Challenge
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 08:49:33 -0800
I was thinking the same thing when I read that message--there's a guy
named Collin Sparkes here who puts his MGB up front in almost any
vintage race he enters. I'd have to pick up six seconds at PIR just to
study his bumper. I think I'd need a turbocharger and a talent
transplant to gain six seconds.

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Sent: Monday, October 26, 1998 7:02 AM
To: Friends of Triumph
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Subject: Re: FOT NewsFlash: Announcing SVRA TR/MG Challenge

Hey Guys,

I know of at least three MGBs that will be more than a challenge
for us TRs to compete with.  Don Munoz, Les Gonda and John
Target!  These guys are running some pretty hot set-ups.  Munoz
was beating Vic Skirmats at MidOhio this year til his
transmission crapped out!  Gonda just won the MG Collier Cup at
Watkins Glen and then Group 3 at Summit Point!  Target won Group
3 at Watkins Glen beating Bob Moser in his Daimler!  

If we can get my hero Mike Jackson to bring his TR to MidOhio
will have a chance, or if any West Coast "TR Hotshoe" can make
it.  So, I would be careful of making disparaging remarks about
the lack of a challenge presented by the MGs.  Unless, of course,
we dump over-developed MGBs from the competition!!

Vroom, vroom,

Jeff Snook

Jim Hill wrote:
> Joe  wrote:
> > Mark Your Calendars!!!
> > SVRA is in the early stages of planning for a TR/MG Challenge at
> Mid-Ohio,
> > 10-14 June 1999.
> >
> > SVRA always has a great event at Mid-Ohio with a great turn out and
> lots of
> > track time. For VSCDA members, it will not conflict directly with
> > Blackhawk Classic.
> Interesting idea Joe, but I'm not sure I grasp the concept . . .
> Triumphs vs MG's? What's the challenge in that?
> (Just trying to get the fight started early :-)
> Jim Hill
> Amici Triumphi
> Madison WI

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