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Re: figure 8 gaskets

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Subject: Re: figure 8 gaskets
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Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 17:56:47 -0600
I'm not sure how much a hard piece of copper will compress down to when it
is squeezed by the liner.  I would guess that it may not... I would guess
the liner sidewalls would buckle first..

I could test it a steel jig and place a liner into it and compress
it with four 1/2" studs to similar torque (105 lbs)  then remeasure the
height while compressed...  Has anyone done this already??
Do the same thing with various metal shims and without to see difference...

I would bet that SS would NOT compress at all.  In order to ensure that the
installed liner height is proper I would think that a deck plate (old head )
be used to clamp that liner down -then removed and liner height remeasured
....  What is unclear is- if the liner actually buckles while loaded -then
springs up when the load is removed and if this plays a role (if any..).

I know that when I build my engine -I use a torque plate to load the

1) Ought liners be matched for waist thickness?

2) Can liners of different manufacture be used in a "mix and match" style?

Maybe for a tractor engine in a high performance tractor engine?.... .


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> << I think you've got the wrong impression, Bill.  I would make these
figure 8
>  gaskets of various thickness -not to stack but to use as individual
>   >>
> Mordy:
> I just discussed this with Kevin Potter, who builds our engines, and he
> I don't know what the hell I am talking about.  He actually said it much
> nicer, but that has more to do with our employer/employee relationship,
> may lack of knowledge.
> He said having figure eight gaskets manufactured to a particular thickness
> could have solved our 'stacking' problem last spring.  He said he wished
> would have thought of it.
> He also said he wondered if steel would not be superior to copper
> (compression)?
> He also wondered if there was another reason for not 'doing it.'
> Shows you what I know!
> Bill Dentinger

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