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RE: Plug Wires

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Subject: RE: Plug Wires
From: "Jack Brooks" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 11:36:15 -0500

I'd call them and ask all these nasty questions directly. I can't believe they
don't sell four wire sets.

I'd suspect that reason for no solid core wires is probably the energy
bouncing back at the control unit from the spark.  Suppression wires will
dampen or eliminate it.

I've built 100,000 volt sparking devices (WESP's), in water saturated air
flows near water sprays (even though Mom said never to mix electricity and
water) and the return pulse from a high voltage spark can be pretty hard on
the transformer.  Our transformers were big, two per unit and about a 4 foot
cube, otherwise my TR3 would have a really kick-butt ignition system.  <grin>


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>To: Friends of Triumph
>Subject: Plug Wires
>I just bought a MSD ignition system and in installing it, I find
>that they say solid plug wires absolutely cannot be used.  They (of
>Course) recommend their own plug wires that are "Heli-Core" conductors.
>They say that a spiral wound wire must be used.  Their wire sets
>come only (as far as I can tell) in sets of 8.  So, does anyone have
>any words of wisdom on other options for finding such wires at an
>addordable price (in sets of 4)?
>Joe Curry

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