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Plug Wires

To: Friends of Triumph <>
Subject: Plug Wires
From: Joe Curry <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 17:52:30 -0700
Thanks to everyone who weighed in on this one.  

Today, I went to my local auto parts store and had a look through what they 
have.  To my shock, they provided a set of Borg Warner
SELECT magnetic suppression spark plugs.  These are the helical wound type that 
is required by MSD.  A quick call to their hot line
verified this.  The Part Number from the box is CH7419 and only cost me $10.79.

I installed it according to their instructions and then tried to start the 
engine.  It puffed once and then nothing.  I pulled a wire
and using a screwdriver verified there is spark (and wow what a spark... Almost 
knocked me on my arse)!!!

So I pulled the plugs (MSD recommends an increased spark gap) and observed that 
the cylinders were full of fuel.  What the .... I
thought.  Then it dawned on me that engines run better when the plugs are not 
in the velocity stacks!!!  What a dumb ass!!!

Oh well, when I regained my composure, I put it all together and it ran 
flawlessly.  THe only trouble is that when I flipped the on/off
switch it kept on running.  Flipped the battery kill switch and it continued to 
run.  Scratching my head, I managed to kill it by
removing the alternator positive connector.

Investigation revealed that I was getting bleed through that kept the unit 
energized through the ignition warning lamp.  Installing a
diode in that circuit solved the problem.

Moving on to the next test, I plugged the 3000 rpm module into the unit to test 
the rev limiter.  I started it up and revved it all the
way to 6000 rpm with no sign of any rev limitation.  This is a "Soft touch" 
limiter so I don't know what to expect.  Isn't it supposed
to keep the thing from revving that high?  I'd certainly think so.

Any suggestions???


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