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RE: Leguna Seca/FoT Senior Citizens Tour in September

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Subject: RE: Leguna Seca/FoT Senior Citizens Tour in September
From: "Brad Eells" <>
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 20:46:36 -0700
Hmmm...Not that I remember it, because I'm too young - but:

I have read of some success at Le Mans, European rallies, several dozen SCCA
production championships - right up to the 1990's
If Triumph had entered the Mille Miglia - They might just have been in the
hunt in their class.

I enjoy seeing the high end sports racing cars just as much as anyone else -
but the true backbone of sports car racing, then and now, were Triumph, MG
and Austin and lots of other affordable sports cars. I don't believe vintage
racing would exist today without them.

Triumph 'had it', so did MG and Austin and Jaguar, etc, etc, etc. I find it
unfortunate that the high end types feel like they have to look down their
nose at such cars...

Off the soap box for now, hope you were expecting a flame or two...

Lowly TR4 and 4A

<< If Triumphs had "had it",They'd of won the Mille Miglia.>>

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