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Re: Cylinder Head Flow

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Subject: Re: Cylinder Head Flow
From: "Dean Tetterton" <>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 22:08:07 -0500
When I was in college there where the "Post Versalog" guys and the "K & N"
guys. Kind of like
Coke and Pepsi....Wonder what a Versalog complete with leather case would
bring on E-Bay?
Dean T.

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> >   This is so much fun I may have to unlimber my turbocharged solar
> >powered slide rule.
> My youngest daughter has a Ph.D. in Math and is an associate professor of
> same. Not too long ago she was home for a few days and i showed her my old
> Post Versalog. She had never seen a slide rule! What's the world coming
> uncle jack

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