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Re: Cylinder Head Flow

To: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Subject: Re: Cylinder Head Flow
From: Larry Young <>
Date: Tue, 09 Dec 2003 17:49:43 -0600
I had to bring my slide rule out of mothballs a while back, because my 
HP calculator died and I can hardly use a calculator that isn't Reverse 
Polish.  I guess that makes me multiply obsolete.  I must not be the 
only one though, because those HP calculators bring a good price on Ebay.

Jack W. Drews wrote:

>>   This is so much fun I may have to unlimber my turbocharged solar
>> powered slide rule.
> My youngest daughter has a Ph.D. in Math and is an associate professor 
> of same. Not too long ago she was home for a few days and i showed her 
> my old Post Versalog. She had never seen a slide rule! What's the 
> world coming to?
> uncle jack

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