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To: Dave Lum <>,
From: Chuck Rothfuss <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 05:23:53 -0500
Dave, List,

  Since you're right at 3.0 liter (right?) you'd be an engine class below
me.  E class is 3.01-4.26 liter, while F engines are 2.01-3.00 liter.  You
can beat up on records that I can't play with.  Depending on body mods, ECTA
will let you run in any class from F/Gas Coupe to probably Blown Gas
Competition Coupe.  They'll allow you to run in any higher class that should
be "faster".  At Bonneville you don't have any option like this, and would
have to stick in F/GC. I think your engine oughto push the car just about as
fast, with the same height, tires and gearing I was using.  C'mon out and
see.  Wanna borrow my skinny slicks?


At 10:36 PM 1/21/99 -0800, you wrote:
>       Now if you didn't have them expensive taillights, there'd be less to 
about :-). I've let several people drive my car, but a) rev limiter at
7200rpm prevents missed shift damage b) the car isn't the most immaculate
car around c) with a top speed of 130-ish (do you think our MPH would be
similar?), not too exciting or exeptional in the age of slippery cars. Leno
and Allen would probably YAWN. Chuck, would our cars be in the same class
now as far as official top speed tesing is concerned?
>Sorry for the rambling - it slipped :-)
>Dave Lum
>'71 510 - like Chuck's, only different . . .
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>To:    Keith Turk;
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>Keith, List,
>  The "USS Wankel" (That's my '71 Datsun RX510) has only been driven by 4
>other people besides me in the 15 years I've had it.  The fact that it was a
>- snip -

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