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RE: Tool Box protection

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only "Catholic" I can recall "testing" was an Italian-American girl I "went
with", 1st year in college.

She passed the test.  Flying colors, actually.

Sorry about "waxing nostalgic" on the military stuff.

I'm still interested in the original thread.  Just pulled my drivechain
off-- easier to replace it than to free it of all that rust.  (Steel) front
sprocket was bad, too-- but salvagable.

Rear sprocket looked perfect, though.  When we changed ratios prior to the
record run, I'd told Bill that I thought it was anodized aluminum-- but
there were no pits, no white oxide-- despite all the salt.  Guess what?
It's titanium!  (Funny I didn't recognize it, since I used to MAKE the
stuff!)  Anyway-- that's a good point to remember, if there are parts that
you REALLY don't want to corrode:  Consider titanium.  Non-austenitic
stainless steel should have similar resistance in that environment.
(300-series SS is subject to chloride stress corrosion cracking, however.)
Russ, #1226B

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This has been a round-about thread. From tool protection to vintage
on to old school days in Europe, to Russ testing Catholics and KT leaving
a/c on(obviously not paying California power bill prices). Notice that is
GARAGE and not the house which gets the good air.

I'll leave with one of my favorite tags, thanks to Russ, slightly modified:

"I hate it when a good beastialty thread turns to other stuff"


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