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The M-14 certainly fires a more powerful 7.62mm NATO cartridge and it is so
rugged that if you ever run out of ammo, you can just beat the SOB to death
with it. My guess is the first "whack" would bust an M-16.

Yes, most missile units did train in Ft. Bliss. Corporal units in Europe
usually went back to White Sands for firing practice but ours was sent to a
Royal Artillery Guided Weapons Range in the Outer Hebrides Islands-- a
beautiful green place with nice people, lots of sheep, and thatched-roof

Regards, Neil     Tucson, AZ

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the M-14 was my favorite small-arm, but they never let me get my hands on a
full-auto version.  The army believes there really is such a thing as
"having too much fun".

My assigned weapon in Korea ('63-'64) was a "ma-duce"-- M-2 .50 cal machine
gun, long barrel-- later replaced by an M-61.  Liked both pretty well.

Later at Benning (where we supported 11th Air Assault (became 7th Cav))--
during the development of the first helicopter assault division-- I got
selected on a test group to fire the AR-15 (became M-16).  I didn't like it.
Pointed well (very intuitive)-- light, easy to work the operating controls--
but I didn't trust the accuracy or the power, and said so on the evaluation
sheet.  Shows how much MY opinion was worth!!!

I thought that most army missile guys trained at Bliss.  Glad you missed
that-- Ft. Bliss and El Paso both suck, IMHO.

Yeah, I'll bet that being in night woods with manuevering tanks WAS pretty
spooky.  Never had to do that, myself. Russ, #1226B

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