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RE: Tool Box Protection

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Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 12:09:45 -0500
Hey, Russ;

Small world-- I spent my sophomore year in Heidelberg High School. My
Grandmother died in that same Heidelberg hospital you mentioned in about
1955. We lived in Mannheim-Feudenheim, not far from the Kaefertal Kaserne
where Patton had his accident.

Regards, Neil     Tucson, AZ

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Bro, you are OLD!
If I'm remembering correctly, "the brown-shoe army" (as the old soldiers
used to call it) changed-over (to the black "Corcorans") while we were in
Germany (Dad was assigned to the army Hospital in Heidelberg, where Patton
had died).  Must have been about 1953--??  I (and a lot of other 8 year-old
"army brats", I guess) had my own little pair of those brown boots with the
straps and buckles, and I was miffed that nobody "issued" me any of the new
black Corcorans!! Russ, #1226B

p.s.-- in my own army days, we "undercoated" our (black) boots by slathering
them heavily with Shinola-- then LIGHTING the wax and melting it into the
leather.  You wanted to be sure it all melted, but you had to be careful not
to burn the wax completely off anywhere.

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Cosmoline was bad but the rough thing was to put a shine on those old brown,
rough out boots we were issued with the two straps and buckles at the top.
You had to sand off the rough surface, put an undercoat on the boot part and
then spit shine it for days to build up a surface that would hold a shine.
Even 7 Day deodorant pads didn't help until you were down to the final


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