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Re: Tool Box Protection

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Subject: Re: Tool Box Protection
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Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 18:25:27 -0600
Cosmoline was bad but the rough thing was to put a shine on those old brown,
rough out boots we were issued with the two straps and buckles at the top.
You had to sand off the rough surface, put an undercoat on the boot part and
then spit shine it for days to build up a surface that would hold a shine.
Even 7 Day deodorant pads didn't help until you were down to the final


on 9/4/03 5:56 PM, Albaugh, Neil at wrote:

> Russ;
> Yes, it sure would be! It was bad enough to clean off of rifles.
> I'm sure the new recruits these days are spared the odious task we were
> assigned to in Basic Training at Ft. Knox. All the brand new M-1 (this may
> give you a clue to how old I am) rifles we were issued came packed in
> cosmoline. 
> I know what you mean about Walgreens. It looks like they are trying to be
> just another Circle-K.
> Regards, Neil     Tucson, AZ
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> Neil:
> been planning on trying an ol'-timey drugstore, but haven't been past one
> lately.  It's not available at Walgreens.
> I remember the paper wrap that the military used.  Nice to be informed how
> it worked.
> (They coated stuff w/ cosmoline, too-- but you had to clean it off when you
> were ready to put it in service.  Would be really yukky on tools, I think.)
> Russ, #1226B

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