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I have a T-shirt (from Rock & Roll hall of Fame, Cleveland) that says...

"If you can remember anything about the '60s, then you weren't REALLY

Russ, #1226B

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too bad there not 60's prices too
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Subject: Tires

> List; I have been looking for replacement tires for the 6;50-18 drive
tires on
> my roadster since one went through the first layer of cord on the sidewall
> El Mirage in May. The 'Stones had been on the car since around '70 and on
> Stude before that. I need around a 30 inch dia. tire to work with the set
up I
> have. Ordered MT tires but now don't know if they are coming.
> While helping a friend at Sears Point Vintage Sports Car Race I got
talking to
> a Dunlop Tire guy that was there and he suggested I look at their Vintage
> tires. He said they are made with all the latest materials as any new tire
> in the old molds.     They have a 6:00-18 at 30.1 inch dia. and a 7:00-18
> 32.1 inch dia. along with many other sizes. He also told me they are made
> the speeds you would expect from a '60s Indy roadster when the drivers sat
> behind Offys as is proper.                               According to him
> are better than the 8:00-18 Firestones I have on the Vega  which the SCTA
> at very fast.                       I ordered two of the 6:00-18s. They
can be
> viewed at from whom
> purchased the tires. They are in Va. and these might be good tires for
> I later found I could have also got them from Roger Karus much closer to
> Rich Fox

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