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To: Richard Fox <>,
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Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 12:07:18 -0700 (PDT)
What about the part of the rule book that says something like "proof of speed 
rating is the responsibility of the entrant".  I went all through the site and 
could not find any speed rating info.  Is that going to cause a glitch in tech 
or will they pass OK?  I need a couple of tires too, and I'd hate to put six 
hundred bucks into two tires only to be turned away at tech.
Dick J in East Texas

Richard Fox <> wrote:
List; I have been looking for replacement tires for the 6;50-18 drive tires on
my roadster since one went through the first layer of cord on the sidewall at
El Mirage in May. The 'Stones had been on the car since around '70 and on a
Stude before that. I need around a 30 inch dia. tire to work with the set up I
have. Ordered MT tires but now don't know if they are coming.
While helping a friend at Sears Point Vintage Sports Car Race I got talking to
a Dunlop Tire guy that was there and he suggested I look at their Vintage race
tires. He said they are made with all the latest materials as any new tire but
in the old molds. They have a 6:00-18 at 30.1 inch dia. and a 7:00-18 at
32.1 inch dia. along with many other sizes. He also told me they are made for
the speeds you would expect from a '60s Indy roadster when the drivers sat
behind Offys as is proper. According to him they
are better than the 8:00-18 Firestones I have on the Vega which the SCTA rate
at very fast. I ordered two of the 6:00-18s. They can be
viewed at from whom I
purchased the tires. They are in Va. and these might be good tires for Maxton.
I later found I could have also got them from Roger Karus much closer to home.
Rich Fox

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