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Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 14:51:27 -0700
Rich & Dick,

I think those are the same tires (or very similar) that Hutchinson & Hope
are running on their roadster. I don't think they've had any trouble with
tech at the Lakes or the Salt.

Karen Davis
# 1174 D/GR

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Dick; Well we will see what happens when I get them to the lake. They are
super speedway tires (Indy, Le Mans, Monza) and should be treated as such.
That said I never know what the Inspectors are going to do. And my car only
goes 113 or so. It might be more of a problem for a fast car. Maybe the ECTA
guys will run them and get experience for the SCTA guys.  Rich
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  From: Dick J
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  What about the part of the rule book that says something like "proof of
speed rating is the responsibility of the entrant".  I went all through the
site and could not find any speed rating info.  Is that going to cause a
glitch in tech or will they pass OK?  I need a couple of tires too, and I'd
hate to put six hundred bucks into two tires only to be turned away at tech.

  Dick J in East Texas

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