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Subject: Re: Tires
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Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 18:02:24 -0700
Tone: Thanks for the input. Compared to the MT tires @ $900 the pair they
aren't bad price wise, and they are available right now. If you don't give
me any "Guff" I will be alright. And those guys at Maxton who don't want to
usr Frontrunners, these have good tread. As you can see they also come in 15
and 16 inch sizes.  Rich Fox
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> Dave Davidson, #811 roadster, and I were the first to run the Dunlops. We
> both bought a set of used 5.50/6.00's Dave took his to 240 mph before the
> tread separated in small "chunks".  He has since replaced them with the
> tire. He shaves them to about 1/32" of tread.  Mine have 1 to 2 /32" of
> tread and were great at 202mph on my 3200# roadster. This year I bought
> 7.00's which when mounted on a 7" wheel measure 32.5" in diameter. I took
> them to 216 with no problem. I DID NOT shave any tread off only trimmed
> sides up and in about 1 to 1 1/2 " This gives a smaller "print" and leaves
> tread for grip.  Butch Phillips has run his 7.00's to 230mph.  He shaves
> the tread off. His are on 5 1/2" width wheels. No one gives any of us any
> "guff" abouth these tires. However I would not put them on a 300 mph
> and I would keep in contact with those who run them.  I will continue to
> them.  And if someone thinks they are cheap forget it. Same with the rims.
> J.D.
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