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RE: Total Loss or Alternator

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Subject: RE: Total Loss or Alternator
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Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 02:09:26 -0500
among what you and Jim are saying here is a very important point:

where class rules put a severe limitation on the amount of power you can
make (as in NHRA Pro Stock, and SCTA Production-- and like Jack's 50cc
'liner)-- you may be FORCED to work way "to the right of the decimal point",
because it's so hard to get an edge on the competition.
Russ, #1226B (650cc P-P)

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At around 2.5 hp per inch they are pretty tame stuff sorry to say.. About
same amount of power as an average twin turbo 3 liter.. They are working so
to right of the decimal point I don't believe they can measure the results
anymore. A good dyno is +- 1/2 percent in power readings.  Do you think the
alternator uses 12.5 hp? or to split the difference at 6.25 hp do you think
the engine is down 6 hp they don't run it or better yet how would they
it when it is the accuracy of the equipment used to do the measuring??

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