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Re: RE: The Rest of Us

To: Katie Young Cortez <>,
Subject: Re: RE: The Rest of Us
From: Sparky <>
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 22:14:09 -0500
Katie, Sorry about not getting to take the time off--- I got to see picts of 
you and "Garmen"  on Chris's video---that good looking kid sure is 
> From: Katie Young Cortez <>
> Date: 2003/09/14 Sun PM 09:51:22 CDT
> To: Landspeed <>
> Subject: RE: The Rest of Us
> Hello!
> Well, the coupe will be racing without me at WOS. We are all bumming because
> I couldn't get the time off. However, it will be fun for my dad to get some
> seat time again without me hogging it all.
> I'll miss seeing all of you who will be there! And, I hope to see the rest
> of you who will be a El Mirage next month or the following, which ever one
> we finally happen to make it down to.
> Take care all!
> :-) Katie Young Cortez
> P.S. Do any of you happen to know anything about Aprilia 50cc scooters? I am
> thinking about getting one for going to and from school in style and for
> much less $ in fuel costs!

Lakester 2211

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