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RE: The Rest of Us

To: Landspeed <>
Subject: RE: The Rest of Us
From: Katie Young Cortez <>
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 19:51:22 -0700

Well, the coupe will be racing without me at WOS. We are all bumming because
I couldn't get the time off. However, it will be fun for my dad to get some
seat time again without me hogging it all.

I'll miss seeing all of you who will be there! And, I hope to see the rest
of you who will be a El Mirage next month or the following, which ever one
we finally happen to make it down to.

Take care all!

:-) Katie Young Cortez

P.S. Do any of you happen to know anything about Aprilia 50cc scooters? I am
thinking about getting one for going to and from school in style and for
much less $ in fuel costs!

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