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Re: The Rest of us

To: Richard Fox <>
Subject: Re: The Rest of us
From: Dave Dahlgren <>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 05:24:48 -0400
Rich for me it is whatever it takes to get you down the track as fast as the car
will go.. If it takes a set of fire sprinkler heads as injectors to work right i
am for it.. Good luck with your project.!!! :>)

A while ago you mentioned your car was somehow ruled out of a class to run in.
Has that all been resolved or did you change the car to fit the new rules??


Richard Fox wrote:
> I'm not only missing WOS but El Mirage at the same time. So I'm waiting for
> my new Dunlop tires and making a mess on the Bridgeport converting the
> Suzuki EFI to a more Hilborn like unit. I like to think of myself as sourt
> of an antiDave. Taking hi tech stuff and dumbing it down. Unstead of MoTech
> it's LoTech.  Rich Fox

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