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Re: The Rest of us

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Subject: Re: The Rest of us
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Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 22:56:37 -0500
Russ that was exactly what I was looking for... thank you for taking the
time to let us know what it's like to come home to the mess you have

Same thing here.... sorting out the little issues of life so Tonya can drive
the car at the next Maxton meet... going to be a hoot...

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> Keith:
> well, since you asked...
> What I SHOULD be doing is billable work, so I can accumulate a little cash
> to move to a new place.
> But I can't get my mind off lsr.
> I keep putting down my "real" work to go run calculations or do book
> research on a new idea I got, based on what I learned from my SpeedWeek
> runs.  I smell a "breakthrough"!
> And the ebay parts market has been pretty exciting, too.  I just bought...
> -- a new windscreen ($15.50)-- mine has a little scratch
> -- another plenum/ airbox ($9.50)-- so I can modify it to fit my shortened
> throttle bodies, etc.
> -- another engine ($420.99, including radiator & hoses)-- which I truly
> don't need, but who can resist a 2003-model-- w/ only 2400 miles-- and
> almost 3/hp per cubic inch--for that price??  ...I know-- this one can
> become my "fuelie"; no, no- or my TURBO!!!
> At least I have enough engines now that I won't be forced to work on my
> trailer while I wait for parts or machine work.
> The bike is almost back together from post-record inspection (had to pull
> the cams out & everything, in all that blowing salt on Friday).  I should
> know before the end of the week whether it's gonna run again w/o a
> rebuild.
> Well, guess I really should get back to work.
> Russ, #1226B

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